Ortodent – the company and the products

Ortodent is a Norwegian company developing, manufacturing and distributing quality products in the oral care segment. From the beginning, in 2006, we have focused on development and innovation.

We are always working on meeting our customer’s needs, and can offer oral care products for the whole family.
Our products are recommended by Norwegian dentists.

One of our products is the Ortodent toothbrush.

The toothbrush has an innovative and unique bisected form. The inner brush secures proper cleaning of the surface, while the thinner external brush is designed to clean the less accessible areas between the teeth.

Most of us use each toothbrush over several months and over time millions of bacteria flourish in the brush. E.coli and streptococcus are among the bacteria that may infect the brush. These bacteria can lead to severe infections. Ortodent therefore introduces an antibacterial toothbrush, with Nanoparticles of gold or silver. These particles release ions that penetrate and destroy the cells of bacteria.

Ortodent also develop and distribute the Ortodent baby soother.

The soother is the new generation of soothers.
It prevents the need for braces later in life, since it does not have a negative effect on bite-development. Conventional baby soothers force the tongue downwards to the mouth-floor, resulting in a pressure against the jaw. As a result, the child develops cross-bite that results in the need for braces. In addition, conventional soothers have harmful effects on the development of speech among babies. Ortodent Baby Soother has solved these devastating problems. The sucking element allows the tongue to have a normal position in the mouth, which allows normal development of the child’s bite and normal development of speech.

Ortodent Baby Soother has unique ergonomic qualities combined with modern and clean design. It is made of polypropylene/polycarbonate and silicone, preventing any allergic reactions. The sucking element is patented, the baby soother is design-protected and Ortodent is brand-protected, making it the only responsible alternative for babies on today’s market.