Ortodent soother

 is the new generation of soothers. It prevents the need for braces later in life, since it does not have a negative effect on bite-development.

Conventional baby soothers force the tongue downwards to the mouth-floor, resulting in a pressure against the jaw. As a result, the child develops cross-bite that results in the need for braces. In addition, conventional soothers have harmful effects on the development of speech among babies. Ortodent Baby Soother has solved these devastating problems. The sucking element allows the tongue to have a normal position in the mouth, which allows normal development of the child’s bite and normal development of speech.

Ortodent Baby Soother has unique ergonomic qualities combined with modern and clean design. It is made of polypropylene/polycarbonate and silicone, preventing any allergic reactions. The sucking element is patented, the baby soother is design-protected and Ortodent is brand-protected, making it the only responsible alternative for babies on today’s market.

New Innovative Sucking Element
The development of conventional baby soothers has traditionally focused on the shield and handle and not the sucking element. Ortodent Baby Soother has a new and innovative sucking element developed by Norwegian experts within the field of tooth-care.

Illustration children using different soothersAdvantages
The illustration shows the difference between Ortodent Baby Soothers and conventional baby soothers. The Ortodent Baby Soother allows a normal position of the tongue against the palate of the child’s mouth, preventing cross-bite and unfortunate development of the child’s speech.

In some cases children need to be habituated to the use of Ortodent Baby Soother. It is recommended to habituate the child in quiet moments during the day. Be patient and do not give up. It is a small price to pay in order to give your child the best start in life.