Ortodent toothbrush

The design of Ortodent Antibacterial Toothbrush is new and innovative.

The brush is bisected in order to combine force and accessibility between the teeth.

Nanoparticles of gold or silver are incorporated in the brush. These particles release ions that penetrate and damage the cells of bacteria and the toothbrush stays clean over time.

Ortodent Gold and Ortodent Silver are preferred alternatives for those who are concerned about their dental hygienics. Conventional toothbrushes attract bacteria that can lead to severe infections.
Conventional toothbrushes are in fact flourishing bacteria cultures. Ortodent Gold and Ortodent Silver are innovative toothbrushes based on nanotechnology.

Illustration of the bristles

Unique design
Ortodent Antibacterial Toothbrush has an innovative and unique bisected form. The inner brush secures proper cleaning of the surface, while the thinner external brush is designed to clean the less accessible areas between the teeth.

Antibacterial effect
Most people keep on using the same toothbrush for several months. Over time, millions of bacteria flourish in the brush. E. coli and streptococcus are among the bacteria that may infect the brush. These bacteria can lead to severe infections.

Ortodent therefore offers an antibacterial toothbrush, with Nanoparticles of gold or silver. These particles release ions that penetrate and destroy the cells of bacteria.

Unique qualities
Dentists recommend changing toothbrush four times a year at a minimum. Surveys conducted show, however, that most consumers change their toothbrush only twice a year. As a result, the toothbrushes become less effective and filled with bacteria.

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